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Columbus, OH 43215​​

Tel: 614-869-3426


Who Is Juan, The Credit Doc?

3 REPO's, 3 BANKRUPTCIES, EVICTIONS, GARNISHED WAGES & LEVIED ACCOUNTS...By Age 30! Best selling author & shady credit "recover-ie", Juan "walked the walk" of having the shadiest of shady credit. Juan has 12+ yrs experience helping others repair their credit, in addition to fixing his own shady credit disaster scores. He has built up his personal credit access to $150K+ with a median credit score of 745!

Juan was raised in a single-family home. Credit discussions were not the focus. Juan knew credit cards were a status symbol & had 3 by age 18! He wasn’t responsible, had poor payment history, & didn’t understand how to properly manage credit. By 20 he had his first eviction, 2 repos & was unable to open a checking account because he wrote bad checks. He went back to school and... racked up more debt.

1st BANKRUPTCY at 21! Watching his mom go bankrupt, he knew it was going to be the best option. But it wasn’t long before he'd ruin his credit again and was right back where he started with shady credit.

2nd BANKRUPTCY, 2nd REPO at 25! It was tax time, & Juan received a refund & large refund checks from college, and invested in a cleaning franchise. He grew the business quickly, and it crashed very fast. From 12 contracts and 8 employees to nothing. They garnished his wages, levied accounts, and had his 3rd repo. Juan went back to college and again racked up more debt. By age 31 he filed his last chapter 7 bankruptcy, and the light turned on inside him. 

Understanding the power of manifestation and visualization he began to see himself living life with good credit and working in corporate. He graduated with a BSBA, and began educating others on his knowledge of credit & warned of the dangers if it wasn’t used the right way. 

Juan used his life as real-world examples of what not to do! He learned laws, credit, & disputes. Once discharged, he knew exactly what to do. Within 18 months he increased his scores 230+ points & $125K in credit access!

In The Media

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  • HBCU Nation -Radio Show Guest 

  • Let's Table About it- Radio Show Guest 

  • Rug Magazine-June's Best Book 

  • The Tim Ridley Show -Radio Show Guest 

  • Johnnie O'Neal Gospel Show

  • Go Big or Go Home W/ Tom Maoli

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  • Passage to Profit W/ Richard & Elizabeth Gearheart

  • Finance Tea W/ Paris Butler

  • Master of Healthcare Administration (Purdue University)

  • BS. Business Administration (Ohio Dominican University)

  • Board Certified Credit Consultant (CCA)